Service and rates






Signature Facial                                                                      $90 (1 hr)

                    Customized facial includes cleanse, exfoliation,

                    extractions, specialty mask and a lot of relaxation. 

                    Leaving the skin glowing and hydrated.

                                         Recomended for any skin type any age


Express facial                                                                    $50  (30 mins)

                   Cleanse, exfoliation, specialty mask.

                                        Commonly called "lunch break" facial.

                                        Recommended to hydrate and refresh the skin and



Rejuvenating Facial                                                    $150 ( 1hr 30 mins)

                   Cleanse, microdermabration, extrations, face massage,

                    Ultrasound,  Phyto Steam Cell, Vitamin C or Collagen 


                                  It is an ultimate treatment that combines

                                 technology and science.  It's not only an excellent

                                 anti-aging treatment, also it helps achive result

                                 revitalizing the skin after the summer's damage

                                and restoring hydration and natural glow during

                                the winter.


Radiant Image Facial                                                          $150 (75 MIN)

                    Deep cleanse, extraction, exfoliation, face massage and mask

        Customized facial to fit any  skin need.

                        100% IMAGE SKINCARE PRODUCTS


Oil control                                                                              $125 ( 1 ½ hr)

            Deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, face massage and  mask

                  Using special products to balance oily condition.                           


Hydrating facial                                                                   $115 (60 min)

         Cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, face massage  a deep penetrating seaweed, ginseng or honey mask.

          Highly recommended for skin exposed to environmental damage. It visibly recovers moistures and radiance.



 Collagen facial with ultrasound                                       $150  (1 ½ hr)


                This is a specialty treatment designed to target the visible signs of  chronological aging.  Collagen serum and collagen mask infused with ultrasound for a deeper collagen penetration to improve elasticity.



Microdermabration                                                   $75 

    (Diamond tip - Crystal - Organic Peel)                            

              Mechanical deep exfoliation that removed the dead skin cell and diminish conditions like:

           sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and coarsely textured skin.




Chemical peels

Glycolic - Is an organic acid rich in vitamins,minerals, vegetables hormones and sugar with an important capacity for collagen stimulation, encouraging skin cell regeneration. Appropriate for antiaging treatment, hydration and nourishment.

Salicylic - Ideal for combating breakouts, congestion and acne.

Lactic - Indicated for the treatment of small wrinkles and skin photoaging. Improves texture and skin tone.

Mandelic - Especially formulated to combat imperfections in skin with acneic tendency which may also combine photoaging and/or hyperpigmentation.

Melanostop (phytic acid, resorcinol, azelaic acid) To target melanic hyperpigmentation skin condition like Melasma (dark spots). Its effect is based on the synergic of its three ingredients.

Modified Jessner - Ideal for dull, slightly wrinkled, sensitive and dark skins, acne and superficial scarring, slight hyperpigmentation. Achieves recovery of lost tone, texture and luminosity.

TCA 15%-35% - Treatment of the photoaging, wrinkles, actinic and seborrheic keratosis, pigmentary dischomia, acne and acneic scars.

Piruvex - Pyruvic acid and Lactic acid combined to improve the skin tone, luminosity and smoothness.

                   $150 per each chemical peel application.

                    $500 per serie of 4 consecutive treatments.,

                    $750 per serie of 6 consecutive treatments.



Solution Treatments

          Immediate results for Face and Neck 

                Energy C Treatment (brightening solution)

It combines highly brightening and antioxidant ingredients to prevent and corrects expression lines and fine wrinkles. Designed for stage I aging.


               Collagen 360 treatment (firming solution)

It reactivates collagen synthesis, returns firmness and fights wrinkles. Designed for stage II aging.


                   Stem Cells (regenerative solution)

Its high concentration in plant stem cell extracts reactivates  the cell renewal processes. To repair scars and deep wrinkles. Also to fights against stage III aging signs.


                  Radiance DNA (global antiaging solution)

It treats very deep wrinkles; the skin tissue becomes thicker and more resistant to external aggressions. Designed for stage IV aging signs. 


               Any Solution Treatment is a serie of five (5)

              consecutive treatment, one every week.  

                                        $750 per serie.




 Body Treatments


                                   Seaweed Wrap

Full body Seaweed Wrap with Infrared heat. Excellent treatment to nursing and hydrate skin.  (1hr).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 $75


                                  Parafango Wrap 

This treatment is a mixture of mineral mud and parafin along with infrared heat that helps to eliminate toxins and fluid retention. (1hr).



                                        Mud Wrap

It is the combination of 45 minute anti-cellulite massage and 45 minute mud wrap combined with infrared heat. It is a popular treament that helps to minimize the cellulite and eliminates inches. This treatment targets one body area per session (i.e. thighs or abdomen). (1 1/2 hr).





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